Yenesew is a platform designed to make individual charity simple, impactful and actionable. Through a transparent and accountable interface, it offers to continue the story of our community built by the creeds of collaboration and communal effort.

Created by a team of dedicated professionals from tech, health, media, economy and other sectors, it aims to realize the vision of a local community support system in the current digital age that embodies long held cultural truths.

Yenesew is inclusive. It is built to promote, support and give credit to existing efforts being made by active citizens who strive to protect the vulnerable and marginalized in our community. Fostering the spirit of cooperation rather than competition, it’s a platform where “us” weighs more than just “me”.

The narrative of charity as the interaction of the haves and have nots ends at Yenesew. All of us at one point or another need the support of the other, it’s what makes us human. It’s what sustains society in a bond of good will and It’s the guiding principle behind Yenesew.

Those who have someone to count on can take on life wholeheartedly, for Hardship and prosperity are imbued with meaning when shared in a community. We give color to the lives of those among us, as they color ours.

Welcome to Yenesew, we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.

Our Team

Tsionawit Gebre-Yohannes

Melaketsehaye Messele

Christian Tesfaye

Suraphel Alemu

Petros Teka